Inspired by the fast paced travel industry where no two days are the same, The Africa Hub is a shared work environment offering a dynamic range of options to best suit your nomadic, adventurous lifestyle.

Each of the 6 dedicated offices has the privacy you need to put your head down and get things done, with all the benefit of having like-minded people on your doorstep to bounce around ideas and seek advice.

Located in the upper Salt River, the trendy neighbourhood borders Woodstock and is a stone’s throw away from some of the hottest gin bars, breweries and restaurants in Cape Town.

While your tea and snacks aren’t included, Bootleggers is just beneath us for a hot cuppa and some awesome banana bread. Devil’s Peak Brewery has excellent lunch options (and an awesome burger special on Tuesdays). Bread and milk needed at home? There are two handy little cafés a short walk up the road and Woodstock Bakery just behind us.

The question becomes – why haven’t you done this already?